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A Product I Want to Love

March 5, 2010

I was doing some fantasy shopping today and came across this fun gadget.  I need to start by saying that the SodaStream people have not paid me, bribed me, or begged me into talking about their product.  I just think it’s really cool and figured that you might as well.

I’m actually really excited about this product and have officially put it on my list of “things I don’t need but want”.  The idea is simple.  You carbonate your own water and then add flavoring to make it into the soda-pop you’d like.  SodaStream calls it a “smarter way to enjoy soda”.  Perhaps it is.

And it’s better for you than most standard sodas purchased in the grocery story, is cheaper and allows you to personalize the level of carbonation in your drink. Personally, I enjoy extra bubbles!

I know, I know.  I’m sounding like a tv pitchman for the latest “as seen on tv” product.  I really don’t mean to.  I just thought this was a nifty product and perhaps someone might want to know about it.  I think it sounds like a great gift and I know that something like this would come in handy.  I bet you could make your own bottles, put some DIY labels on them and give them as party favors or even just use them to give a backyard barbecue a personal touch.  I think I just convinced myself.  I’m going to have to buy one of these before our party this summer.

Do you have a product you would like to recommend?

Happy Friday! Have a lovely weekend!

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