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I’m a Celebrating Fool

March 15, 2010

Happy Monday to all of you!  I love holidays almost as much as I love cake.  In fact, cake is the perfect way to celebrate any holiday.

Now, I don’t go all out with the decorations but I do like to do something special for most holidays even if it only means a super-special meal.  My husband thinks I am insane for celebrating things the way I do.  I don’t feel bad about it since he is my polar opposite when it comes to things like that.  He’s one of those guys that always hid in his computer room with all the other house light off on Halloween so he wouldn’t have to hand out candy to any trick-or-treating children.  I enjoyed sitting on the front porch with jack-o-lanterns and a huge tub of candy.  At Christmas I go the traditional route with a decorated tree, garland, lights and knickknacks.  Valentine’s Day but this year included heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast, a cookie jar filled with heart-shaped cookies, and a candlelit steak and asparagus dinner I prepared.  Just last night I started our Easter tree.  If you don’t know what that is, never fear, I will be doing a whole post about it in the coming week or so.

We went grocery shopping yesterday and Hy-Vee has tons of items that are for Saint Patrick’s Day.    There were sugar cookies with oodles of green icing and sprinkles, huge coolers filled with cabbage, green beer, kiss me I’m Irish buttons, and even dome interesting fresh baked items.  What “interesting” items?  Well, in my defense, green IS my favorite color.  For dinner last night we had burgers and bacon-cheese fries and I just couldn’t resist buying the Saint Patrick’s Day green sandwich rolls.  Brace yourself.

Yeah.  That’s probably close to the look that the grocery store bagger had on his face when the bag of rolls was slid in his direction to bag.  When I put it in the cart, my husband looked at me as if I wanted to buy moldy old bread. But maybe you need a close-up to decide what you think?  I will tell you that it was a delicious cheeseburger with mayo and a tomato slice.

I think it’s pretty.  I think that it is something fun and new that makes my whole day a bit more cheerful just because of how wonderful it is that we can live in a world that doesn’t just want food to be utilitarian.  If that was the case, we’d all be eating highly nutritious gruel at every meal.  Gross!  I want fun and I want pretty to always have a spot in my life.  “Unique” and “different” can be pretty. They just need the right audience to appreciate them.

Do you know of something that most people overlook but you think is pretty?


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