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Spring is Knocking

March 17, 2010

This afternoon I pondered what I wrote in yesterday’s post about finding beauty in unlikely places.  As I dodged puddles and swift-flowing run-off, I tried to think of a truly pretty benefit of the weather instead of just appreciating how it looks.

The perfect blues of the prairie sky appeared today for the first time in at least a hundred days.  Gone is the hint of frost in the air.  In its place is a warm breeze and the scent of rich, wet soil.  Thanks to the rapid snow-melt, life has once again arrived in the area.  Arriving home from my run, I ventured into our backyard that a week ago was home to snow drifts that were equal to the height of our privacy fence in some parts.  The grass is visible, the ground is so squishy that it really did feel like I was walking on a sponge, and I spotted something pretty.

it doesn’t look like much now, but that is a baby crocus.  Obviously that is not the terminology a botanist would use, but I like it.  That two-inch tall baby is going to develop a flower any day now that will bring some much-needed color back to the world.

I also found these growing.  They are going become beautiful tulips!!  Yes, I used more than one exclamation point.  That’s how excited I am.  I actually jumped up and down when I saw them.

Some people look at these little sprouts in the dirt and think, “Meh.. call me when they’re pretty.” but I think they are pretty now.  You should not judge these plants on their first impression.  Just like people can, they contain a prettiness that can only be appreciated with time.

Would you do me a favor?  Please?

In the next week, consider something or someone who is not considered conventionally pretty and try to find the prettiness that is there.  If you make an effort to see someone in a new light, perhaps someone will take a second look at you instead of judging from first impressions.

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