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Do You like Free Stuff?

March 23, 2010

I found a new website that I am quickly becoming addicted to.

It’s called Listia and it is an auction site only for free things.  Just for signing up I received points to use towards bidding and quickly won a lot that had these cute Easter tree ornaments that remind me of ones that use to be on our family’s tree when I was young.

It’s really neat since some people offer free shipping when you win their items.  Listia just asks that if you take, you give something at some time.  I think it sounds like a great way to clear out some of the assorted stuff we don’t need cluttering up the house anymore.  You get bonus points if friends join and I’ll get points if you click through the banner at the bottom of the page.  I’m totally excited about this site so even if you don’t click to give me a referral, you should still go to and check it out.  I spent an hour of last night’s insomnia bout browsing the site.  I big on a few fun things and maybe I’ll win some.  Click the banner to join.  No risk, no need to put in any personal information, just have a look around.

Auctions for free stuff at

Another great site is Freecycle.  After you find a local group, you can search through and add listings for free stuff.

If you want to get rid of stuff you:

  1. place a listing for something you want to get rid of
  2. someone responds
  3. you tell them where to pick it up
  4. you’re done

You can also get free stuff by using the above method.  The person receiving the item is usually responsible for pickup.  Much simpler than having a yard sale.

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  1. March 23, 2010 15:37

    Thanks for the support!

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