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T.G.I. Warm Weather

March 26, 2010

I have officially embraced warm weather today.

All winter long I wait for the weather to change so that I once again stop wanting to eat rich, comfort foods like cream soups, hot chocolate and macaroni and cheese with 5 kinds of gooey cheese.  I no longer need to hibernate due to a frigid South Dakota winter.

I woke up today craving a smoothie.

Sadly, good fresh fruit is not yet available in the grocery stores here, so I had to use frozen.  I threw a strawberry/banana DanActive, a few cups of mixed berries (raspberry, blueberry, & strawberry), and a splash of OJ.  It is so tasty!  I’m a smoothie addict during warm weather.  I could live off of them alone.  Thank goodness for warm weather!

I have resolved to be childishly happy this summer.  I will drink smoothies.

I will play mini-golf at Thunder Road here in Sioux Falls and maybe even drive some go-karts while I am there.

I will go to the zoo as often as I can.  It’s a lovely place to bring a picnic and I have not been on the carousel in ages.

I’ve also been wanting for ages to go to the butterfly house in town. All these activities are thing that I think adults need to be reminded of.  I think we forget how fun stuff like that can be.

I think we should pick a day during the summer and make it “International go outside and blow some bubbles day”.  That sounds fun!

What childish activities would you do this summer if you had the time, money, or whatever it is you would need?

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