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Could You be Mad at this Face?

March 30, 2010

I’m having a kinda down day today so instead of allowing my inner crankiness to seep into you day and make you feel like you are in the presence of one of the dementors of Azkaban…  you know, like all cold and as if you could never be happy again because all the joy in the world has been sucked away?  If  you still don’t know what I’m talking about, you really should read more.

So instead of sharing he excessive stress I’m carrying from my most recent employment search, I’ve got cute cat pictures for you.

How jealous I am!  Does that look like a creature with a care in the world?  What a rough life!  That’s Charley.  She is without a doubt a “Daddy’s girl”.  Always on his lap begging for attention.  What can I say?  The cat has good taste in men.  She’s a scaredy-cat.  Any loud noises or sudden movements and she will be hiding in the bathroom before you can blink.

This one is trouble and yes, she is actually IN the couch peeking out from between the cushions.  This is my Lucy and she is my baby.  The problem is that she knows it.

When I put up our Easter tree last week, she:

  1. climbed up next to the tree
  2. looked at me with an evil glimmer in her eye as I threatened her
  3. swatted at the tree anyway
  4. took off running before I could scold her
  5. brought me a scrap of ribbon later as an apology gift

There is a reason my husband refers to her as “Devil-Cat”.  She’s not always channeling the forces of good in her daily life.

I hope everyone has a super-cheerful day!  What cheers you up when you are down?

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