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Easter Weekend Was a Success!

April 5, 2010

I am exhausted from yesterday.

It’s funny how non-aerobic activities like kneading dough, lifting pans in and out of ovens, and peeling hard-boiled eggs can leave you positively beat by the end of the day.  Easter weekend was a success!

Even though there are no kids around this year for an Easter egg hunt, I just couldn’t resist dying a few.  I needed to hard-boil them for the deviled eggs anyway.  I even made an egg just for the blog.

Since it was our first Easter as a married couple  and our first by ourselves, I put in an extra effort to make it special.  I like traditions and maybe we started a few.  We had boneless pork ribs that marinated overnight in my barbecue sauce, deviled eggs with a bacon-cheddar filling, lemon and oregano roasted potatoes, a Gruyère asparagus tart and a no-bake jello cheesecake.

The part of dinner I’m most proud of is the bread.  I’ve made it before but not for C.  He’s a fan now.  I actually got the braiding right for once and it turned out really darn pretty in my opinion.

Good thing the challah turned out so well or I would have been ticked after all that work.   The KitchenAid mixer I have could barely handle the volume of dough.  I had to hand knead and then braid the dough and apparently my kneading muscles are out of shape due to having a bread machine.

I am bit sad today.  There are no big holidays coming anytime soon that are worth decorating for.  I might have to look up offbeat holidays and see if there’s anything worth celebrating.  It’s National Tornado Week but that’s hardly a decent excuse to put up streamers and balloons.  Although… any excuse for cake is good.

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