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Even My Yard Wants to be Pretty

April 9, 2010

I am finally convinced that it is safe to begin the prettification of our backyard.

My sister’s birthday is tomorrow and it has snowed a substantial amount around that date for the last few years.  Guess she is lucking out and having  a snow-free party for once.  I like snow, but I am glad the weather forecast looks warm.  My yard wants to be pretty and I am happy to oblige this weekend.  Well, start on it anyway.

We took a trip to Menard’s and have a bunch of fabulous items just waiting to be properly placed in the backyard.  We filled the car with landscaping supplies and we still have a ton of rock being delivered tomorrow.  Maybe a literal ton.  Paving stones and 70+ bags of river rock.  But we need to get the landscape fabric and edging in before we can start placing the stone.

That’s like two hundred feet of edging!  Looks like I’m going to get one heck of a workout this weekend!

I’m really excited for our new roses and hope they take well. I chose two yellow roses and two red.  They’re all tea roses and I have my fingers crossed that they’ll be not only pretty, but excellent growers this year.  It’s hard to find pretty things for our yard since the soil is almost pure clay starting at about four inches down.  I’m thinking these roses may be winners though.

I picked the roses that I thought sounded strong:

  • Red Masterpiece
  • Oregold
  • Mr. Lincoln
  • John F. Kennedy

I don’t see how I can go wrong if their names truly match them.

I am trying something brand new this year.  I’ve grown flowers, vegetables, and berries with a decent amount of success.  I’ve been dying to try my hand at grapes for ages!

There are four plants in all:

  • 2 Niagara
  • 1 Caco
  • 1 Concord Blue

The plants are two years old, I’ve read everything I can find online about how to start growing grapes, and I have decided upon a trellis system to build.  I guess all I need is a bit of luck that I don’t botch this up and kill the poor plants.

So, as you can see, I have my hands full this weekend.  That doesn’t mean the yard will be done anytime soon.  I’m always open to fun and pretty suggestions for landscaping.  I’m considering a fountain but that sounds like a pain with the wonderful South Dakota weather and potential cleaning issues.

Do you have anything you’d love to try to grow or build?

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