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It’s Circus Time!

April 27, 2010

Every year, without fail, my niece makes one big request when her birthday rolls around.  ” I want to go to the circus!”

Heck, I want to go to the circus too!  So we did!

The Shrine Circus was in town and I can still enjoy it just as much as I did when my Grandpa brought me when I was just a little girl.

Three rings of amazement and fun!

High-wire and the trapeze.

My favorite part was when they would turn off all the lights between acts and all you could see were the thousands of light-up toys that the kids all had.

Acrobatic elephants!

Fabulous jugglers

The acrobats were so fun to watch!

There were even tigers jumping through flaming hoops!

Yep.  You are completely right.  I’m acting like a big ol’ child over a silly circus.  I love it!  I ate cotton candy, nachos and soda while tapping into my inner child and I enjoyed every minute of it.  It’s fun to relive favorite childhood memories and discover that they can be just as fun through the eyes of a thirty-year-old as they were when I was five.

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  1. April 28, 2010 15:04

    Fun! I haven’t been to the circus in forever.

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